We Interrupt Math to Bring You a Vacation

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My husband and I love to travel, and I love having something to look forward to during the school year.  To tell you how rough this past school year was, we started planning this trip last October. 🙂  My husband got to choose the destination because of his milestone birthday and he chose…Iceland?  We ended up spending a week in Paris and a 3 days in Iceland.  A week was just perfect in Paris, but three days is definitely too short in Iceland!  If you are traveling to Europe, I would I highly recommend taking advantage of Icelandair’s cheaper fares and their free Iceland stopover offer!  And since you twisted my arm, here are some pics:

Notre Dame and one of the “locks of love” bridges that hadn’t been dismantled yet:


Obligatory Eiffel shot:


This was one of my favorite things we did! If you’re ever in Paris, make sure you take a ride with Romain in Clementine:




The view from our apartment:


Dancing in the ballroom at the Musee D’Orsay:


We also happened to have dinner one night right where they were setting up for the annual White Party, and did some twitter tracking to find them at the Louvre. The story is it started with 10 people, you’re only on the invite list if you’ve been before, and they don’t tell you where it is until 2 hours before it starts. You’re also supposed to bring a table, chairs, wine, food, and a guest.


We went on a bicycle tour of Versailles,


including Marie Antoinette’s fake village that she had built:

P1100414(Does that not look like Belle’s house??!?!?)

Now off to Iceland!!!  It reminded me a lot of Ireland, which is one of my favorite places in the entire world, so that is a really big complement!  Even though they were about a month behind in spring coming, there was still a bit of green around.


P1100677And a lot of waterfalls.  🙂




And of course geysers!


But some of the landscape was a bit more moon-like:


or just misty:


One of my two favorite things in Iceland was a midnight horseback ride on Icelandic horses.  (We used Viking Horses and LOVED them)



and my other favorite was going INTO a glacier!

P1100767This used to be a German torpedo truck and we rode it in up the glacier (added bonus: Fitbit thought I was walking and I got 82 flights of stairs!)





DSCN0441Pictures do not really do it justice– it is eerie and awe-inspiring and beautiful all at once.

And one more picture because MATH!


Yes, their history museum is called “871 +/- 2” because they thought it was settled in 871, but now there may be evidence to the contrary.  Is that not the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen?

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