Geometry: Transversals & Linear Equations

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tl;dr: Another chapter’s worth of files for Geometry: transversal angles, graphing lines, and writing equations of lines (more files and FAQs here).

To repeat my previous warning: it’s been 3 years since I used these to teach Geometry, so they’re not the bestest, but sometimes you need a quick file or something to build off, right?  With that said, let’s get started:Geometry files from Geometry files from megcraig.orgFile here. Yeah, looks like I ran out of time and/or motivation on labeling everything on the document, but why I just didn’t copy and paste from the following powerpoint I made, I can’t explain. Also, these are legal which works out perfectly to print 2 to a letter page (which reminds me I need to do a post about “how to get a lot of crap on one sheet of paper”).

As for how to label each diagram, look no further than the following powerpoint, which also goes through each problem with highlighting lines and angles. I find this is a great way to both introduce topics and go over student work, especially if you have a remote clicker.

Geometry files from

Geometry files from megcraig.orgFile here.

Next up, let’s talk about parallel lines and transversals:

Geometry files from megcraig.orgFile here, again needs hand-labeling.

Then some practice (hey, look, I actually labeled everything in the document!):

Geometry files from megcraig.orgfile here. And a powerpoint to go with it (alternatively, you could just use the powerpoint as a quick review or with whiteboards)

Geometry files from

File here.

Now for some lines…why does it feel like I’m teaching these from scratch every year?  No matter if it’s Geometry, Algebra II, or Precal?


Geometry files from megcraig.orgFile here (“ugly 17 refers to our workbooks because we had two different ones that year. One that was nice and had a pretty cover and one that was “ugly”).

Graphing (yes, this worksheet probably looks familiar if you’ve been paying attention):

Geometry files from megcraig.orgFile here. The elevator is because you ride up/down to your floor first, then go to your hotel room.  You don’t go to where your hotel room would be on the first floor, then have your own personal elevator take you up.

Then we wrote some equations of lines, then the next day brought in parallel/perpendicular. Notice I’m still using the old-school point-slope form, I like y = m(x-h) + k form now.

Geometry files from megcraig.orgFile here. We mark out the original equation after we steal the slope from it so we’re not tempted to use anything else from it in our new equation.

And some practice (I sometimes make worksheets with more problems than I assign, maybe doing evens in class with a partner and odds for homework):

Geometry files from megcraig.orgFile here. Then it’s time for a study guide.

Geometry files from megcraig.orgfile here. and a powerpoint key

Geometry files from megcraig.orgFile here.

And that’s all I got!

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