Geometry Files: Triangle Congruence

(see more files and FAQs here).  So, I’m really concerned that I’m losing my mind, or at least at lot of my Geometry files. So what I do have today requires a bit of imagination on your part.

Imagine there’s a notetakermaker that goes with this powerpoint:

Triangle files from Triangle files from file here). The bottom three are from the end of the lesson where we practice identifying corresponding congruent angles before we even worry about proofs yet.

I bet the worksheet you imagined looked something this one, which was the next day’s practice:

Triangle files from here).  YES, those triangles are pre-marked and labeled. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Now imagine that I did some sort of awesome introductory activity before jumping into congruence:

4_4(file here)

More congruence:

Triangle files from here)

Now let’s do this FOR REAL

Triangle files from here)  What’s that you say about those gorgeous Geogebra graphics? I’m blushing!

And some more!

Triangle files from here). Why yes, I am a sneaky devil putting the same picture for the last four, just with different givens!

Now this is the world’s most superfluous handout:

Triangle files from here) Yeah, good thing I made a handout so they didn’t have to draw FIVE triangles!  Whew!

You’re going to have to imagine another worksheet for this powerpoint, or you could just use it for whiteboard review:

Triangle files from here)  I know, I can’t believe it took me this many posts to figure out snipping the slide sorter view was better than a single slide.

Now imagine a study guide with everything typed in:

Triangle files from here)  If you’re having trouble imagining it, maybe this powerpoint will help:

Triangle files from here).  Also, let’s take a moment to discuss how I’m not imagining things when I’ve been saying that my home powerpoint acts weird.  See how you can see the previous screen behind the slides?  Does anyone else have this issue?

Now imagine that this blog has a counter for “____ hours saved by using Meg’s files and not making my own Geometry diagrams,” what do you think the total number would be?  😉

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4 comments on “Geometry Files: Triangle Congruence

  1. You have saved me hours and hours and hours. God bless you!

    • Glad I could help! 🙂

  2. Meg’s Worksheets saves the day! (And time!)

    • YAY! I love making less work for teachers (and saving the day!!)

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