Geometry Files: More Triangles? Are you serious?

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Yes, I’m totally serious.  (see more files and FAQs here)

But we already did triangles, you say. Sure, we looked at congruent triangles, but did we look at stuff that can happen inside triangles?!?!  There’s a lot of good discovery activities for these rules, also here are some rudimentary geogebra files I made:

triangle files from triangle files from triangle files from medians, perpendicular bisectors, angle bisectors) then we can solidify everything:

Triangle Files from megcraig.orgTriangle Files from here) Oh, plus there’s this weird thing about medians:

Triangle Files from megcraig.orgI make mine draw out and label the median for each problem; the visual seemed to help a lot of them see the relationship between what was given and what we need.


Triangle Files from here)

Then let’s put all this together!

Triangle Files from here) “Boy, Meg, sure wish there was a powerpoint to go along with this!”  Why, it’s your lucky day!

Triangle Files from here)

Then another powerpoint for exterior/interior angle and angle/side inequalities:

Triangle Files from here)

Then I guess I did more stuff with possible sides of a triangle?  Then some practice:Triangle Files from here) wiiiiiiiith powerpoint!

Triangle Files from here)

And more inequalities!!

Triangle Files from here)


Yes!  Now just a review!

Triangle Files from here) and powerpoint:

Triangle Files from here)

Finally!  There can’t be anything else we can do with triangles, right?!?!  (Shh…we won’t talk about trig coming up, ok?)

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