The $2 Black & White and the $3 Color Poster

Yes, you read that correctly. I told you Monday about the Staples $2 black and white engineering print, but when I went to order some yesterday, I saw an option for color engineering prints. For $3. For 18×24.


I obviously had to try it out. Now again, two words of warning: Staples does not recommend these for photographs and they are not printed on thick paper so lamination will probably be necessary.

But here is the True Delight poster in all its black, white, and red glory:

IMG_0443It really is very nice in person. 🙂

Here’s the brain poster and a close up for detail:

IMG_0444 IMG_0445

So here’s how to get your own engineering prints with some helpful tips:

1) Go to and search for “engineering prints”

2) This screen will come up. Click “design now.”

poster 03) The next screen gives you the option for black and white or color engineering prints:

poster 0A(As a comparison, the oversized color prints are $17.99 for 18×24 color on nicer thicker paper.)

4) Upload your file and then you will be sad:

poster 1“NO! I WANT IT BIG, YOU DUMMIES,” you will say. So then you will go to Silhouette Studio and make 18×24 inch size PDFs of the brain poster and the true delight poster.  But the Strengthen a Dendrite one will cause you problems because it was in word. So you will feel even sadder.

5) Until you realize this hidden “fit contents to paper” option under “Media”:

poster 1A


poster 2

And it printed just fine:


I do have a goal of making a Poster tab on my blog, but until I do, feel free to just visit all my posts that have been tagged “posters” 🙂

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