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Yes!  It’s my final unit for my Precal files!  See my entire year’s worth of stuff (and FAQs) on this page.

In my regular Precal classes, I normally start with an exponent review:

Log files from file here-requires Running for a Cause font) (pdf file here)

Then we played a grudge match:

Log files from file here)

For my honors classes, we did exponent review during bellringers the week before and jumped right into graphing exponentials.

Log files from here)

and solving exponentials:

Log files from megcraig.orgHere’s the homework for the chapter:

Log files from here)

Then it was time to break out the logs!!!

Log files from

(file here) This year I want to be more explicit about how a log is the inverse/can undo an exponent. I think some of them still weren’t clear on that and what that meant for us. But meanwhile, we did some log graphs:

Log files from here)

Then some log properties.

Log files from here) We did a nice worksheet using log properties to solve equations from a “Calculaughs” joke worksheet book for Algebra II/Precal.

Then we stepped up the solving logs a bit:

Log files from

(file here) And did some group whiteboarding with these problems the next day:

Log files from here)

Then some applications:

Log files from Log files from here) WARNING!!!  You see that nice pretty chart where we’re going to notice that as we compound more and more, it will equal the Pert formula?  Yeah, it breaks when you do the seconds one in a TI!  It looks like you actually make more than continuously compounding!  Wolfram Alpha saved the day, but it made for a great discussion! Just wanted to let you know ahead of time so you don’t freak out in the middle of class. 🙂

Then it was time for a study guide:

Log files from here)

Because of some weird scheduling, after the test we spent a couple days on these advanced, precalculus-in-the-true-sense-of-the-word problems:

Log files from Log files from

(file here)

Well, that’s it! I’m done with my Precal files! Until I make something new when I start back next week. Stay tuned!

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