Haaaaave You Met Desmos?

So the first day back from summer, I asked my department if they would be interested in a Desmos workshop. At least two people asked, “What is Desmos?”

Obviously I had to remedy this situation as soon as possible (or six weeks later). I asked Michael (@mjfenton) for his bingo card from TMC15 and he replied with some new desmos awesomeness: go check out learn.desmos.com:

learn desmosBut it turns out that I have this issue that I can’t just use what someone else has made. Why? I don’t know. Maybe I secretly feel like it’s cheating? I told myself this wasn’t *exactly* what I was aiming for in my session, so I made my own bingo card, borrowing quite a bit from the TMC version (because “borrowing” isn’t cheating?. I can’t explain):

desmos bingo(file here)

Only a few people were able to show up due to conflicts, but we had a really fun time!  I started them with this activity builder so I could have it running and show them the teacher dashboard on the projector. Then I let them loose on the bingo card. We got through the first three rows in about an hour (and the time seemed to just fly by!). We also did lots of brainstorming and bouncing off ideas to use in class. There was of course lots of “where was this last week/last year/when I was in college!?!?” comments. 🙂  Oh, and is there anything better than that gasp when someone uses a slider for the first time?

Now I just need to figure out how I can get a job going around to schools and playing desmos bingo with teachers. Basically, I want to be Barney and replace “Ted” with “Desmos”:

But that would be weird if I randomly started emailing schools and offering free desmos bingo, right? Yeah, I’m pretty sure that would be weird. 🙂

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4 comments on “Haaaaave You Met Desmos?

  1. this looks so great! We are doing a self designed PD day on November 4 exploring desmos. So I’m going to cheat and do some of what you did. thanks! (you’ll be virtually directing a PD day in Connecticut)

    • Awesome! It worked well for different levels of desmos-osity. 🙂

  2. This is fantastic! I was looking for some great Desmos PD ideas, and Bingo is perfect! I didn’t even know that learn.desmos.com existed – I’m too busy reveling in teacher.desmos.com 😉

    Thanks sooooo much for sharing! You’ll be helping lead some Desmos PD by proxy in NC soon!

    • Man, I’m PD all over the United States! 🙂 Hope it works well for you!

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