Twenty Day Digital Organization Challenge

I was asked to give some professional development about tech to a local teacher group. I was told that the teachers there probably weren’t the tech-i-est so I started listing things I wanted to show them. Then I thought, well, if they’re anything like me, they are going to file this paper away and then never try anything so because they don’t have time. So I made it into a ten-minute-a-day challenge. I mean, we can all find an extra ten minutes, right? I came up with 20 so it would be a month’s worth of school days. I’m sure most of you are pretty tech savvy, but maybe there’s something new for you (or you can hand it out to your other non-tech-savvy friends). Here’s the challenges:

Twenty Day Digital ChallengeFile here

And I copied these shortcuts to the back:

Word and Equation ShortcutsFile here (whoa, I just noticed that half of the equation stuff is for the new (gross) editor! Will try to fix it ASAP!)

If you’d like to know more about equation editor and math autocorrect, visit this post.

I also asked about some good tech tips on Twitter and I got a ton of great responses! Some totally new to me, some old favorites, and a lot of apps/add-on suggestions!  Check out the tweet and replies here!  Thanks to everyone who made some great suggestions!

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2 comments on “Twenty Day Digital Organization Challenge

  1. I needed this reminder. While I don’t have iNow, I will definitely complete tasks you mentioned that I haven’t already done! Thanks Meg!

  2. Glad you found some things that were helpful (and wow-proved that you read the whole thing by throwing out that inow reference! 🙂 ). Hope you are all organized 20 days from now!

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