#MTBoS12Days Success Stories

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Non-School Related Success: I finished the #500in2015 run/walk challenge!  Now, little did I know when I signed up that the other people involved were all super-milers and were done in May. But I kept at my 10-mile-a-week, 40-miles-a-month plan (except September…I don’t want to talk about it). I walked when it was cold. I did walking workout videos. I started to jog/trot. I jogged 2 miles every single day in April, which involved waking up early. I jogged in the heat. I jogged in the humidity. I jogged around my house. I jogged in the rain. I did not jog on a train. I jogged at school. I jogged up and down our #%*#%#*$ hill a bajillion times. I jogged an entire 10K race with a 10:30 pace (I started the year at a 15-16 walking pace). And I ran my last two miles yesterday!

And now I never want to jog again. 🙂

School-related success: I don’t have a specific success story to share, so here are two survey responses that make all that I pour into the job worth it:

survey response 2 survey response

So maybe I don’t have the most exciting activities, and I need to do more SMP3, and I could probably do less lecturing, but at least I helped these two kids become better math people, and that’s what we’re in this job for, right?

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