Start/Stop/Continue #MTBoS12Days

Another post for the Yule Blog Challenge! (Had to take a holiday break, but now I’m back).  Here are the things I would like to start/stop/continue next semester:

Start: Incorporating more activities, less me talking! I always start off with good intentions, but then….

Maybe it will help if I…

Stop: worrying about “finishing everything.” I’m already stressed about next semester since I am “behind” everyone else, but I’d rather slow down and focus on fewer targets, and also feel that I can take a “breather” day instead of NEW TOPIC. NEW TOPIC. NEW TOPIC. REVIEW. GOT IT? GOOD. HERE’S THE TEST.

Continue: I did spiraling homework for the first month or so, but then… (seems to a be a theme with me, eh?). I’d like to start it again, especially with things from first semester that Precal will need next year in Calculus (they are finally geniuses at trig values and I don’t want them to lose that!).

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