#MTBoS30: Pet Peeves and Little Loves

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Tina recently wrote a post about one of her pet peeves, so I thought I’d take that idea and list 5 pet peeves, but end on a positive note with 5 “little loves” (that was the first phrase google came up with in response to “opposite of pet peeve”). Oh, and use lots of gifs.

Pet Peeves:
1) Improper use of Reply All.

Oh, Microsoft, why did you set this as the default in Outlook 365? Read here how to change the setting.

2) Wasteful paper usage.
ezgif.com-resize-352Seriously, one-inch margins and 14 point font? No wonder you need 3 pages for that 10-question worksheet. And of course I’m behind you at the copier.

3) “I don’t know how to do this because I was absent that day.”

4) Announcements.
Maybe if we didn’t have them 17 times a day they wouldn’t make the list, but we do so they did.

5) “When will you have this graded by?”

tumblr_o4d9xed1OJ1s2wio8o1_500Are you taking the test the day it’s given? Then it will be returned the next day like I do every single time. Are you making up this test 4 months after it was given (true story!)? Then I’ll grade it when I feel like it. And I’m not sure when that will be.

Little Loves:
1) “Hey, it’s almost time to go! Class went by so quickly today!”


2) “I went ahead and printed off the notes from when I was gone, can I just ask you a few question I had on the homework?”
3) When the janitor who opens the trash bag and puts it in the bin gets assigned to my room for a day.jackpot
4) A well-made Note Taker Maker…especially if it’s made by someone else and I get to use it!

5) “Did you even look at your notes? They’ll tell you what you need to know!” (Said from one student to another) tumblr_inline_myop5e57TW1qm5fq8

So what are your pet peeves or little loves?

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4 comments on “#MTBoS30: Pet Peeves and Little Loves

  1. Yes! So true! (Although I don’t understand the one about the janitor.)

    • Haha-we put our trash cans out every day for them to be emptied, which means every morning I’m greeted with the chore of opening the bags that have touched the gross bottom of the trash can except for the one janitor who actually puts the bags in for us! It seems like such a simple thing, but I totally know I’m going to have a good day when that happens.

  2. I’m the person in #2 of your pet peeves. While I hate wasting paper, I do it because of students with learning disabilities. Everything I’ve read says to use 14 point font with lots of space. The larger font is easier to read. The space allows students to not get overwhelmed and stressed by a lot of words on the page. I’ve found this to be true even for my non-LD students. They actually thank me for this and sometimes ask for even more space. I didn’t start this way. I was always cramming as much as I could onto a page. It changed as I learned more about LD students and ways to meet their needs. 🙂

    • Wow, I never thought about that for math in that way (somehow I thought it was a “just for English and history” type of thing). Will definitely need to rethink some of my worksheets! Thanks for the insight. 🙂

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