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Graph(s) Paper

So the Kickstarter for CoordiMate was discussed in the MTBoS recently.  It’s a self-inking stamp of a coordinate grid aaaaand I kind of want one.  Because I am the laziest/non-scaliest grapher in the world. “No, trust me kids, this would look like a line if I had the ability to space my tick marks.”

But until then, at least I have really pretty graphs I can print out and/or cut and paste into worksheets, tests, etc.  And now you can too!  Let’s check out the rewards for my own personal mathstarter campaign:

Pledge at least $0

Get a full page of -8 to 8 graphs that you or students can print out for homework and practice.

page of graphs  Claim your reward here in doc or pdf!

Pledge at least $00

Get a whole page of -10 to 10/ -11 to 11 blank dotted graphs. My preferred graph for conics.

blank dotted graphsClaim your reward here in doc or pdf!

Pledge at least $000

You want trig graphs?  Do ya, punk?  Ok then, here’s a page of blank trig graphs from -2pi to 4pi.

blank trig graphsCurrently available as PDF only.

Pledge at least $000000

For the ultra backers at this level, we have the ultimate rewards package.  This collection of ten different graphs comes as a one-page download so you can quickly copy and paste single graphs into your document.  All of them are made of grouped drawing objects which means you can modify the size but keep the proportions by dragging the corner handle while holding done the ctrl key (but if you’re an ultrabacker, I’m sure you already knew that trick).

variety graphsClaim your reward here as a doc file!

So there’s my mathstarter project. I think it’s next Exploding Kittens, don’t you?