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Teacher Emergency Supply Kit

Today I had to make an emergency stop at the drugstore on the way to school due to the world’s worst blister. (Seriously, this thing woke me up in the middle of the night! Yes, I used a blister blocker stick. No, I did not think to rub it on the tops of my toes.) But it reminded me of a blog post I’ve been meaning to write: the teacher’s emergency kit. Treat yourself by getting a cute container (or a shoebox), filling it with this stuff, and putting it in your desk or closet. You’ll thank me later. (Also, how great of a gift would this be for a student teacher/new teacher?)


Bandaids Our school nurse provides some, but you know exactly what type they are-those scratchy fabric kind that are about 5 inches big. I ran out of my personal stash yesterday (hence the blisters), but I usually have a regular assortment and a cartoon one. Students love the cartoon ones.  (Also, if you’re not using heel liners in every shoe that you wear without socks, how do you survive?)

Shout wipes Hey, remember when the entire sleeve of your writing arm was the same color as your overhead markers? Good times. But marker accidents still happen!

Manicure kit I wish I didn’t have to say this, but since it happened at our school once: do not give yourself a manicure at school. But isn’t it nice to not have to wait until you get home to take care of that broken nail? (Mine was actually a freebie from a long time ago, but here’s a really tricked-out version that has a lot of extra stuff that makes me feel queasy. I would say just nail and cuticle clippers and nail file would be enough.)

Feminine Products I put mine in a discreet pencil bag, which makes it less awkward to give out when someone asks.

Lint roller/sheets I guess this isn’t completely necessary if you don’t have pets, but still handy, especially if you accidentally brush up against that shelf that no one’s dusted this year.

Hand lotion Unless you’re the type of with-it person that already has some in their purse. As a person that’s sensitive to smells, may I recommend unscented?

Compact mirror FYI, I’m going to be the person that tells you if something is wrong if you can fix it (arugula in your teeth: yes. Eyebrows drawn on crookedly: no.). In case you don’t have a me in your department, an after-lunch check might be called for.

Floss See above.

Your (legal) pain-reliever of choice Pep rallies, am I right?

Snacky-snack Depending on your willpower/cravings, keep some granola bars, goldfish cracker bags, and/or chocolate in your desk. You’ll thank me when you end up grading past dinner.

Change for the vending machine For that emergency drink/snack when all you have is a twenty and two dimes in your wallet.

Above and beyond:

Sewing kit Ok, maybe you’re not going to whip out a needle and thread to sew on a missing button, but the tiny scissors come in handy. At least get some various-sized safety pins.

Fashion tape Ladies, let’s talk about bra straps. There’s no reason for us to see them at work. Keep some at home and at work. (Note: You can amazon it, but it usually cheaper at Ulta or Bed, Bath, and Beyond)

Contact solution/eyeglass cleaner For those with less-than-perfect vision.

USB phone cord For when you forgot to plug in your phone the night before.

Toolkit Flat-head & Phillips screwdrivers, small hammer, set of mini “precision” screwdrivers : You’d be surprised how often these come in handy, especially once everyone on your hall knows you have them.  I keep all my tools in a separate box to loan out.

Mini umbrella For when the weatherperson lied. Again. (Not going to lie to you, I think I’ve used mine twice in ten years because I always forget I have one!)

I think that’s it! Anything supplies that comes in handy that I missed?

[Edited 8/14/18 to add suggestions]

Of course Elissa is always prepared. I swear by Cold-Eeze Cherry Cough Drops (note: you may want to have some regular non-medicated cough drops for students.)Leslie must be grading absolute value inequalities tests, amirite?!?!Casey is not taking any chances with garlic sauce at lunch.Kathy has a toddler. No wonder she needs extra help in the afternoon. 

[Edited 8/26 to add even more suggestions!]

I was going to blame the fact that I have short hair be the reason that I forgot bobby pins and hair ties, but I guess that doesn’t work with Kristen suggesting them!
Some smart ideas from Kathryn. I really wish I would have gotten a wipeable placemat before I spilled dressing all over the place on Friday.

Duh, of course we need Chapstick!! Thanks, MegHan!

Math by the Mountain is super prepared…. (pro tip: I have one class bring in hand sanitizer for their class supply)And both Tina and MbyM are having some DAYS, people…
Thanks for all the suggestions!  I hope these ideas help make those days just a little bit easier for you! 🙂


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