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Here are all the posts that contain NoteTakerMakers for Precalculus. Although many are labeled for PreAP/Honors, I usually used similar ones in regular.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you use these?
I usually have a NoteTakerMaker for each section I cover. They are a blend of definitions, charts, example problems, and problems I want them to try individually or in groups.

Why are some parts of the worksheet in a really big font that doesn’t even fit in the textbox?
I use Calibri 97% of the time, but I also like Chocolate Covered Raindrops and Running for a Cause. If something looks REALLY BIG or doesn’t all fit in a box, it’s probably because it’s in that font.  Either download and install the fonts (you usually have to restart Word for it to recognize that it’s there now), or change the font and font size to something you like.

Why can’t I type and change this equation?
I use the old-school Equation Editor 3.0.  If you need to edit an equation, double click it to open the equation editor.  Learn how to better use Equation Editor here.

Did you make a mistake on this?
Although I’ve tried to fix all known typos, I’m sure there are still some around.  Part of the fun of the homework is to try and find the mistakes in the answer key. (But seriously, let me know if you find one–I really do try to fix them!)

Update: See this post for a day-by-day calendar of PreAP Precal, with links to all resources!


Quadratics and Polynomials 



Polar Graphs & Complex Numbers 





7 comments on “Precalculus Files

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  2. […] Precalculus Files […]

  3. Hey Meg! Ali Grace here. 🙂 I just found out I’ll be teaching PreCal this year. Woohoo! Is this the order you usually introduce these topics? (You might have said that somewhere, I just didn’t see it.) Thanks!

    • Hey Ali!! So excited for you to be teaching Precal!! This is the “normal” order (if there is any) of Precal and it works pretty well. For the past two years, I’ve done part 1 of the functions, then jumped and did trig through conics, then back to functions, polys, exponentials, rationals, limits, derivatives and that is also nice as you are doing the super-hard trig stuff during the fall as opposed to the spring with AP exams, senioritis, etc. Then again, you’re jumping straight into the hard stuff and some students have not seen any unit circle trig so there may be some stressing on their part about that. Let me know if you have any other questions! Good luck!

  4. Hey Meg. I’m teaching Pre-Calc for the first time this semester and just came across your blog on the #MTBoS. You have some amazing content here. I’m really excited to jump into it. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • You are very welcome! Good luck! Please let me know if there’s anything I can help with!

  5. Desmos Polar Graph Activity is a link to some really cute dogs…but not Desmos! Just thought you should know.

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