Special Unit Circle Angles Worksheet

If you want to know how my week went, I’d have to go with

So let’s focus on the positive, which was a worksheet that I’m kind of in love with. I used it last year for Alg II w/ Trig and yes, again in Precal as we reviewed trig. One previous student remarked that it looked like the one from last year and another kid said, “hey, if it’s a good resource, then she’s just being smart!” which made me want to give him a gold star. Anyway, the file is available here (note: it does use Running for a Cause font at the top, easily downloaded or you can just change it) and these are the screenshots:

Capture2I am a visual person so I think of my triangles as short, medium, and tall, but some of them in Precal wanted to put 30, 45, 60.  Go for it, dudes.

We did stop and talk about radians for a while, using the wonderful applet from Sam’s post.  And we talk about Math Teacher Mambo’s empinadas, except they turn into quesadillas from Moe’s (welcome to Moe’s!).  I do not teach how to convert radians to degrees because I find they want to resort to that instead of learning where they are (although a few figure out the conversion on their own and they love to tell me all about it and I tell them my reasoning as well).  They had to the back WITHOUT looking at the circles on the front, however (Or if you print two to a page, have them fold it half to prevent peeking).  Then it’s just a quick hop to talking about how tall/wide each triangle is and you’ve got sine, cosine, and tangent of special angles, which is what we’ll be discussing Monday!

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