My Three Favorite Word Shortcuts for Math Teachers

I’ve shared these before, but not all in one handy video and not with SOUND before. It’s like I’m right there in your living room room controlling your every move on the computer. But like in a not-creepy way.

In other news, it seems I really like the word “WHAT?” especially when paired with “that just happened.”

I will certainly take requests for the next installment. Is there something you’d like to know how to do in Word? Make tables? Make drawings? Make shortcuts for pi/2 or square root of 2 over 2? Put in graphs? Or maybe you’d like to make a fancy powerpoint with equations and such? Leave me a comment or tweet a request!

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8 comments on “My Three Favorite Word Shortcuts for Math Teachers

  1. WHAT? OMG! I thought I was a “WORD PRO”, but I am humbled by these shortcuts. OSM! Can’t wait for more of your shortcuts! Thanks so much for sharking!

    • I think there needs to be a course in teacher school about how to make worksheets in Word! I went through my first four years without knowing about Equation Editor!

  2. Seriously! How did I not know about all of these super cool and super easy shortcuts in Word!?!?! The \angle alone would have saved me a ton of time this year. Thanks Meg!

    • In my next video I’ll be sure to show you how to make a shortcut for a triangle! Geometry worksheets are the worst to make!

  3. I’m a big snippit fan, but this will save me HOURS!! THANK YOU!

  4. […] If you’d like to know more about equation editor and math autocorrect, visit this post. […]

  5. “What??? YES.”

    You make me laugh, Meg. And NO, I didn’t know about this, so I’m about to tweet this…like RIGHT NOW.
    What???? YES.

    • I taught you something new? What? YES.

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