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Tuesday, Jan 12th

5:30 Alarm goes off. Hello, She & Him!
5:40 Alarm goes off. Oh, hi, again, She & Him.
5:50 Alarm goes off. You again, She & Him?
6:00 – 6:30: Get Pretty.
6:30 Mr Craig is out of town, so I have to make my own breakfast, ugh. (By “make my own breakfast, I mean, “get out a breakfast cookie from the pantry and pour a glass of water” but these tasks are what I have Mr Craig for, right?)
6:45 Off to school
7:00 School! I do some quick MTBoS research to come up with an easy game to play in Alg II while doing a trig practice worksheet. Then reprint my gradesheet AGAIN because they keep adding new students (without telling me, of course. It’s a fun game called “watch your attendance numbers/spot the difference!”).  I also check email, write a quick bellringer for Algebra II, and write my daily quote and learning targets on the board.
7:30: Bell rings to allow students to come into the classroom part of the building. I take up my high-five patrol at my door. Guys, I don’t know how Glenn kept this up for an entire year. Next year, I’m only doing it on Fridays.
7:45: First period. The game goes well! I modified Ghosts in the Graveyard with Mrs D’s choose-a-color-to-grade. (Assigned numbers to each person in group and roll die to see which person’s worksheet will get checked.)  Our sign language interpreter also came to observe me because one of my students with a hearing impairment is doing well in my class versus her previous math classes and they wanted to see what I may be doing differently.  A nice compliment, but I’m not sure I have any sort of magical powers.
8:47: Second period, same as first.
9:44 PreAP Precal. I get to teach function tranformations!  Yippee!!  It’s also Trig Tuesday–a four-question trig value quiz they’ll have from now until the end of the semester. They are finally super quick with their values and I don’t want them to lose that knowledge!
10:41: Fourth period, Alg II. Because of lunch, this class is longer than all the rest (an hour and five minutes versus 52 minutes (this is also a “long period” day. MWF we have 47 minute classes and a 30 minute study hall)). This class period makes me long for hour classes; it’s nice to have room to breathe!
11:46: Lunch. It’s supposed to be 23 minutes (!) but fortunately the math department has planning 5th period, so we usually stretch it out to a half hour. No matter how busy my day is, I never miss lunch with my colleagues! They are the best. I am a creature of habit; my lunch is always pack of peanut butter crackers, a scoop of trail mix, and a peanut butter chocolate chip granola bar.
12:15: Planning. I find my function transformation speed dating cards for tomorrow, enter in grades, email a teacher assignments for a homebound student, go to the restroom, and start working on modifying the Precal study guide that I’ll hand out tomorrow.
1:11: PreAP Precal
2:08: PreAP Precal
3:00 School’s over!  Take my 10 minute twitter-and-apple break. Finish the precal study guide, make copies, then decide to go ahead and make the key, then find the mistake I should have corrected before making the copies. When will I ever learn?
3:50: Leave school
4:05: Get home, turn the fireplace on and play some Two Dots.
4:30: Mr Craig gets home
5:00: Go out to dinner. We are not cooks at all so usually go out to eat. Last night we used a gift card for Bonefish–I’m kind of in love with their mango salsa over mahi.
6:30: Back home, relax with a little more Two Dots (I may be slightly addicted to that game)
6:45: Search for an activity for my students to do when they finish trig worksheet. Can’t find exactly what I want, so I spend 20 minutes creating my own Odd Man Out worksheet. (Which I determined today has 2 wrong problems out of 10. I guess the answer is, no, I will never learn. But the linked file is fixed!)
7:30 Watch 2 episodes of Making a Murderer with Mr Craig, miss the last 30 minutes because I fell asleep.
9:30 Get unpretty, read a little bit of Girl with A Gun.
10:15: Lights out!

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