Stars of the Week Vol 1

Maybe it’s just me: I star A LOT of stuff in my blog reader and I star (ok, “heart” now) a lot of tweets, but then never go back to them! So I thought I’d try to post weekly things I’ve starred so (a) you can enjoy (b) I can remember and (c) the posters can get a shoutout. 🙂

PSA: You don’t have to make a fancy post to let someone know you’ve appreciated something they’ve done. A tweet, retweet, or blog comment can really mean a lot to #MTBoS newbies members! I’m going to try to keep these posting going weekly, as well as tweeting someone when I use their stuff! 🙂

My starred posts this week:

Not a post, but if you’re in the Southern US (we’re going ahead and defining that as “Tennessee-adjacent”), be sure to add your name & info to the roster! Hope to plan a mid-fall tweet up!

This first post from Hannah (@girl_got_range) is a great long form about vulnerability in teaching and in life.

Go ahead and read all of @Anniekperkins‘s first 5 posts, but be sure not to miss the latest one about how her “uncompromised beliefs” ended up being a bit, well, compromised.

For something a bit more lighthearted, check out Casey’s (@cmmteach) ABCs of TMC.

Getting a chance to hang out with Brian (@_b_p) at TMC reminded me yet again of his quiet succinct genius. Be sure to follow his blog for little nuggets of awesomeness, like this great way to introduce end behavior. I can see many ways to use this same setup, such as limit notation and his example of sigma notation.

Sarah (@mathequalslove) collected some great resources from 3 different blogs-I love the last one about asking what question each expression answers. And I love the cubic meter. And I love the crime scene. Ok, I guess I love all three!

Also check out her broken circles first day activity. And while you’re at it, Amy’s (@zimmerdiamonds) first day ice-breaker with a secret agenda (watch the periscope video here).  And then check out Beth’s (@algebrasfriend) entire collection of first day activities. Basically I need a month of first days.

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for expert advice for a newbie or oldie, be sure to check out Elissa’s (@misscalcul8) new How To posts. She’s already made them for teacher moves, questioning, and building relationships (I also predict an organizational one soon). Even if you’ve heard some of the stuff before, I bet you haven’t heard all of it before!

Because Julie (@jreulbach) likes to mock me, she is going all gung-ho on Algebra II the first year in over a decade that I haven’t taught it! Be sure to join her blogroll and submit posts to her recaps! Also check out her post on reliving TMC16 through video!

In those TMC videos, I would recommend Joel’s (@joelbezaire) Math Game with the Lame Name and Gregory’s (@mathtans) genius cubic formula parody song (I’m still amazed how he was able to write that!!)

And now some of my starred tweets:

And as a reward for making it through, let’s end this first post with a song!

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6 comments on “Stars of the Week Vol 1

  1. Thanks Meg! It does mean a lot to all of us when someone stops by to read a post and leaves a note saying so.

    Girl, you have MAD skills! Inspiring!

    • You are very welcome! Thanks for sharing your great ice breaker!

  2. Meg, you’ve done it again. Your thoughtfulness and high levels of friendliness is something aspire to. You are truly a gem within the MTBoS. You see everyone’s best! People like you make the MTBoS community, well, a community.

    • Aw, thanks, Brian! It’s not hard to find the best in the MTBoS–the hard part is choosing the BestEST! 🙂

  3. Just thought I’d comment on your blog itself to echo Brian, you’re amazing in terms of your inclusiveness – and you have crazy skills here, in that I just noticed those tweets include functional animated GIFs and videos. Whaaat? I tend to screen capture… how long does it take you to put a post like this together?

    Just goes to show we have different skills, I guess – the “cubic formula” song parody itself, I threw together in a day. The video itself took waaay longer to produce. Thanks for the mention!

    • Thanks for the comment, Gregory! I just use the little … on a tweet to get “embed tweet” code. Easier for me than screen capturing, saving, and uploading!
      The only thing that took long for the post was getting sidetracked on rereading all the good stuff again! I’ll time myself next week. 😉

      And yes, definitely different skill sets! Which is why the MTBoS is so great–you get to steal everyone’s genius specialty!! 🙂

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