Algebra II Files: Matrices

(See more Algebra II files and FAQs here)I’m sure this is post you’ve been waiting for!  This is totally how I feel after I typing up a matrices worksheet:

But have no fear, my little math darlings, I’m here to save the day….with handwritten notes:

Matrix files from Matrix files from

Ok, but at least I typed up the homework for ya!  With graphs!

Matrix files from

File here. Is that not the prettiest worksheet ever?  Now let’s try some multiplying:

Matrix files from megcraig.orgFile here. And some practice:

Matrix files from megcraig.orgFile here. What’s that you say? You’re totally awed and inspired by my ability to put a fraction inside a matrix?  Aw, it was nothing.  If you’d like to learn how to do it yourself, may I recommend my equation editor post?

Then, yup, it’s back to handwritten again:

Matrix files from Matrix files from megcraig.orgI’m taking a stand on not teaching finding 3×3 determinants by hand.  I almost want to take a stand on not solving matrix equations by hand, too, I mean it’s pretty much just witchcraft at this point and it’s not like we don’t have calculators, which we’ll learn to use the next day to solve some systems:

Matrix files from megcraig.orgFile here. Then some more applications practice (after the first four, we did the rest in groups on the whiteboards) and the study guide:

Matrix files from megcraig.orgIn the same file here.  Added bonus: Study Guide Key videos!  #1-12 here and #13-25 here.

Does your school teach matrices in Algebra II? (We moved it to Precal for a year which was great, but then they decided to move it back)  Do you do them all by hand or all technology or a mix?  Anything to make them more exciting?

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  2. We do matrices in Precalculus. Mostly on the calculator. Have to save some time somewhere!

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