#MTBOSBlaugust Goals

Guess what month it is!  It’s…



Want to join in the fun? There’s two ways:

1) You can blog with us! August is crazy, so set your own goal–if you’re blogging more than you would have, it’s a win! Sign up here and get some great prompts for those days where you have blogger’s block.

2) Support those that are blogging by leaving a comment (or tweeting). The list of bloggers participating is here.

Thanks to @druinok for the great motivation!

My goals for Blaugust is to:

  • Get the rest of my Algebra II units posted
  • Post a few odds-and-ends Precal stuff that I did new last year
  • Finish posting Geometry stuff before I forget all of it (holy cow…I think it’s been 5 years now since I’ve taught it?!?)
  • Get in the habit of posting my Stars of the Week each weekend
  • Collect all my poster files in a post/page and make some new requested ones
  • Post some fun non-mathy posts like new favorite tv shows, books, and podcasts
  • Use some of the great Blaugust prompts!
  • Comment on an average of 3 blogs per day

Man, I think that’s definitely enough to keep me occupied for 31 days!!

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2 comments on “#MTBOSBlaugust Goals

  1. Girl. You are making me tired. BUT GO YOU! Thanks for being so encouraging!

    • I’m not going to have to do nearly as much planning this year as previous years so this will keep me occupied! 🙂

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