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It’s the last days of summer for me, which means time for one last binge-watch, right? So I thought I would share some of my favorites! (What does this have to do with school you may ask? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.) I’m going to link to each show’s justwatch page (which is a great app/website that tells you where things are available streaming or for purchase)

I’m currently watching The Paradise, (netflix) set in a 1870s London department store. The first season was entertaining, the second season has gotten really soap-opera-y. I mean, this is the #1 gif:

But it’s only 8 episodes each so going to finish it!  About the same level of enjoyment I got from Downton Abbey, with 100% less crying from Mrs Bates.

Speaking of Downton Abbey, I have no idea why it got all the awards and recognition instead of Call the Midwife (netflix). Maybe because it’s set in the austerity of post-war London instead of a castle? Because it has nuns and midwives instead of landowners and servants? Because it’s characterized as a “woman” show? As one of my favorite characters says:


As a fellow teacher, you may have the problem of seeing the first 20 minutes of an episode and then falling asleep. So the highest praise I can give is to say that I have never fallen asleep during a Midwife episode! And unlike Downton, every character on here makes me want to be a better person.

If the 1950s is too far back for you, how about the 1980s? Halt and Catch Fire  (netflix) had an odd, yet riveting, first season. But the second season I could not stop watching! 3030972-inline-i-4-halt-and-catch-fire-showrunner-jonathan-lisco-explains-how-to-create-great-charactersComputers, start ups, the piemaker…what more could you want?

So 1980s is too recent? Well, how about the early 1800s?


Mr Craig just brought Horatio Hornblower to our beach vacation and I was reminded how engaging, fast-paced, and fun that show is! Even my mom liked it, and she does not usually like historical or war stuff! My dad was ready to stay up til 1 the night before we left to finish the cliffhanger. The only issue is that it is not available streaming. But the good news is Target has all 8 episodes (it was a miniseries, so each episode is 100 minutes long!) for less than 20 bucks!

Of course I can’t let a recommendation post go by without mentioning Friday Night Lights, but it’s more of a formality since I’m sure you’re already watched this, RIGHT?!?!

images (1)


Ok, one last one! If you want a quick comedy series that will remind you of all you have to look forward to in the workplace…try Better Off Ted.(netflix) The fact that it only lasted two seasons is a travesty!! I couldn’t limit myself to just one gif, so here are three to end the post!

images (2)

images (3)


What are some of your favorite shows to spend the summer watching?

13 comments on “#MTBoSBlaugust Binge watching!

  1. Have you watched the Murdoch Mysteries – my library had 8 seasons of DVDs – on the waiting list for the 9th – they renewed for a 10th season (Canadian)

    • No I haven’t! Added to the list!

  2. Thanks for the just watch site! I’m currently binge watching Downton Abbey much to my children’s dismay.

    • Haha they’re not into finding out what’s going happen to Mary’s love life?

  3. Love your list! My recommendations (which you probably have already tackled) are Miss Fischer’s Murder Mysteries (3 seasons – Netflix), Death in Paradise (4 seasons – Netflix) and One Tree Hill (9 seasons – Netflix) … and of course the Gilmore Girls!

    • Just started Death in Paradise and then got distracted from it! Need to go back to it! And Miss Fischer is already in my queue. One Tree Hill…hmm… 😉

  4. Totally with you on Call the Midwife. Love! I finished Jane the Virgin. It’s mindless and sometimes I need that. My husband is not very happy with me , but I’ve been watching Chelsea; you know, for current events. Tell me you’ve done Lilyhammer. That’s my absolute favorite Netflix series.

    • I love Jane the Virgin, too! There is one episode this season that I missed and I just saw it’s up on netflix, so I may have to rewatch both season. 😉

      I haven’t done Lilyhammer…yet! 🙂

  5. Love my binge watching for sure – Nashville (’cause I couldn’t say goodbye to Connie Britton), Being Mary Jane, Gilmore Girls (must confess) and Parenthood (’cause I couldn’t say goodbye to Lauren Graham). And get REALLY trashy – watch Unreal!

    • HAHAHA that is exactly why I tried to watch both Nashville and Parenthood!!! I’ve been meaning to watch Unreal–maybe that can be my good decompress-from-school show this month!

  6. Ooo. Ooo. I forgot to say The Incredible Kimmy Schmidt. Mindless fun for when you can’t get too involved.

    • Yes! That one is so much fun!

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